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Our Vision

MyThoughts started with the vision “to help as many people as we can”. This is a platform, where readers, across the globe, can be contributors. TechnoTalks started with the extension of vision of MyThoughts  , this will provide the platform, where all Tech Geeks will share their knowledge to all technical folks and help them to learn, excel in their fields. Currently we are focusing on Cloud Technology, NodeJS, Java and CICD tools. But there are more to come.  Stay Tuned with Us. Our Team is also increasing, below is our team – 

Ankur Mittal
Ankur Mittal- Founder of MyThoughts, Technotalks

Ankur Mittal- An Innovative Thinker

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJzAAAAJDhiNmUxODkxLTBlZDktNDc3Yy04ZjI5LTRiNTQ3NjgzMjEwNw Manav- A Passionate Technocrate



Anand Jha – Data Science Specialist

Inviting every individual who is passionate about technology and think that they can have some technical skills to share with the world.

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