What can I get from cloud? Services offered by Cloud

After having knowledge about the buzz word Cloud…The types of Cloud…please refer to my previous articles…

Lets get to know more on what can we get from Cloud? Or what Cloud can offer us as a Service…

For Private Cloud it’s totally dependent on the Private Cloud hosting company that what they want to offer to the business or use within organization for their employees.

Company may go for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Database, Servers, Applications, Email, Active Directory, Application Development Environment etc.

However the most famous and widely available Public Cloud providers are offering tons of services under 3 umbrellas.

Those are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service which includes various resources/ services like Virtual Desktops, Virtual Servers, Virtual Storages, Virtual Networks etc. Ideally they are the services which are provided as a part to build up our Applications or workloads running in DataCentre.

The Cloud provider is responsible for the building blocks and their management however the customer is responsible to manage the Applications, Servers and Data center built on top of it. For example VDI, Servers, Operating Systems, Storage, Networking, Firewalls, Load Balancer etc.

PaaS is Platform as a Service which offers Databases, Application Environments, IoT components, Data Analytics and AI components as a Service where the Cloud provider is managing the platform i.e. underlying working environment, services and customer is responsible to manage the applications built using them, Data stored, and solutions developed using them. For example App Environments, Databases, IoT components, Data Analytics Components, Media distribution system etc.

SaaS is Software as a Service where Cloud provider is managing the software and customer only need to manage the users, access and licenses for them. For example Email System, Collaboration Platform, CRM systems etc.

Better way to understand the above is lets take an example of an Office premise which we have constructed for leasing/ renting purposes.

As a IaaS provider we will rent out the Office premise and take care of its maintenance, We will also offer (with the help of vendors) a list of hardware and services which is required to make the office functional like computers, furniture, electrical appliances, gadgets etc. . Tenant can choose from the list what they want to use and can pay a rent for using them. It is still the tenant responsibility to manage and service them in a timely manner.

As a PaaS provider We will rent out the Office premise with all the hardware and some services i.e. amenities and manage them, Tenant is responsible to choose what services they want the rent and pay for the usage, They can also build additional services using the available services for their use i.e. House keeping services, Cook etc. and manage them.

As a SaaS provider We will rent out the Office premise with all standard and widely used services/ amenities and manage them, However the tenant is responsible to manage the users and their licenses for the services and pay the rent for number of users. More likely as Hotel stay.

In all the above cases Tenant will pay the rent for the time they use any of the type of service and resources and not for the complete month. Cloud Providers also offer various offers and discounts if tenant is willing to go for an upfront commitments for use for a year.

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